Red Men’s Hall

The History of Red Men’s Hall excepted from text by Jessica Cherubino

On the corner of Willow Grove and Stokes road, there sits an old building. In 1876, it was the Centennial Baptist Church. Apparently, it didn’t have much success considering it no longer held services after 1881. After that it was sold to James Armstrong. When it was sold off from him, it was sold to Lewis Shrider Jr., who owned land nearby, and had built a house for himself across from Stokes Road. During this time, it became known as Red Men’s Hall. It got its name after the associations newletter recognized it as “Edgepillock Tribe Number 168, Improved Order of the Red Men”. By the 1900’s the building was known for its social gatherings, so much that few people even remembered its days as a church.

In 1975, the Schauman family erected the historical marker that lies there today.

A historic accounting of Red Mens Hall by Mr. Don Catts is provided on our “Follow the Signs” page. A direct link to that page is here.

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