Living History Series

As part of IMHS’ goal to preserve Indian Mills history, we are interviewing long time residents to document their early life, experiences and thoughts about growing up and living in this area. This is our “living history”.

We are looking for suggestion on who to interview for this series. Feel free to reach out to Rick Franzen ( or Neil Wilkinson ( if you, a relative, or friend should be added to our living history.

Our first two interviewees are presented below. Mr. Leon “Dinky” King and Mr. Walter “Sonny” Jennings are life long residents of Indian Mills. They are both in their eighty’s now! We caught up with them at the former childhood home of Mr. Jennings, which is the future home of IMHS. They spoke about working on the farms, getting telephone and electric service, unpaved roads, and the relatively recent residential development boon among a host of other topics. In a very interesting segment, Mr. King discusses being a member of the Red Men (see Red Mens Hall) and Mr. Jennings talks about being a regional baseball champion (reference needed).

This interview was conducted by Mr. Rick Franzen on July 16, 2021. Also, a big thankyou also goes out to Mrs. Laura King for organizing the event.

Part 1: We introduce Mr. Leon Grover “Dinky” King and get to know about his early life.

Part 2: Mr. Jennings joins the conversation and we learn about growing up in Indian Mills:

Part 3: Mr. King and Mr. Jennings talk about sports, clubs and the changes in town.

Photogallery from the session:

Photographs that are referred to in Part 3 are shown below:

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